The misanthrope’s advent calendar – day 3

And another thing that annoys me about chistmas – and there are a lot – are Christmas cards.

It is my custom to make homemade christmas cards not because I believe in any religion – it’s just fairy stories for grown ups – but more so that when someone gives me a christmas card I don’t look like a bellend and give them nothing back. My reasoning is that I’ll give cards at christmas, but on my terms, and as I am an atheist and because most all of the atheist christmas cards I can find on the web are either on the crude and vulgar spectrum, or not good really so I make my own. Well, it makes sense to me, but not, however, to a relative of my partner my who finds them offensive. This, I might add, for no other reason that I find it a constant source of amusement, is a women who keeps a Geiger Counter in her house. To anyone who doesn’t know what a Geiger counter is, it isn’t something that measures how fashionable you are, but rather something to measure how radioactive or not something is. So the temptation for me to send her a present from the gift shop at Sellafield is overwhelming, aside from the small fact that as a nuclear power station, it doesn’t have a gift shop.

Anyway, the point is that I am an atheist. Everyone I know knows this. I make no secret of it. So therefore it follows that people who send me christmas cards with depictions of religious imagery on them are causing me deliberate offence?