This is where I’m supposed to try and convince you the reader that I’m worthy of the investment of your time that it takes to read my blog.

But here’s the rub. I’ve never much cared what people thought of me. Nonetheless, here goes.

I was born, obviously, and grew up in London. A childhood that was worse than some but much better than others. Went to school, left school, fell into a job, stayed there for too long, embarked on a series of ridiculous entanglements that hurt the people involved, although not physically. So pretty much the same story as everyone else. Throw in lots of thwarted ambition, ambition you didn’t know you had.

And then a severe brain injury a few years ago made me realise how ambitious I was but I’d neither the means nor the likelihood of effecting them. The brain damage has left me outwardly the same but with a much reduced capacity for movement, speech and control. However, the same things that annoyed me before the accident annoy me now. Likewise, the same things that I found joyous, I find joyous now. Although that part might be a terminological inexactitude – a lie in plain English. My capacity to enjoy things has been greatly diminished by my brain injury. So that things which before the accident were only mild irritations now attain the status of major vexations.

Why should you read this blog?

A good question.

Because I have a somewhat idiosyncratic way of seeing things and hopefully expressing them in a way you find engaging. Sometimes you may not agree with everything I write. I will also pepper my contentions with cultural references some of which you will no doubt feel absurd, inappropriate or downright offensive. Possibly you might find them entertaining, more likely you’ll feel a mixture of things. I should warn you now that the work of Chris Morris will feature significantly in any cultural references I make. My posts will not have a constant theme unifying them. One week it’ll be about me and existing in the world in which I find myself, and the next it’ll be about something altogether more interesting.


The title? That was gifted to me, by someone who’d read an earlier blog post and was kind enough to text me ‘…brilliantly leaps gazelle like from subject to subject.’

Anyway, that’s me.

If you were interested enough to find this page possibly you are in two minds as to whether or not to continue reading or subscribing. If any of the above has whetted your appetite to do either, then good.

If not, then I wish you well and hope that you find another blog that does.