Lockdown 2021: Day 6

I don’t know what’s wrong with me – well apart from brain damage obviously – but specifically, the last week or so, the not sleeping thing. Last night being a case in point, In bed relatively early – midnight – then lay awake, unable to sleep. Thinking about things. And the older one gets, the more one has to think about; what you should’ve done, what you shouldn’t have done, what might’ve happened had you done this, what might not have happened had you not done that A veritable labyrinth of endless possibility to bedevil one and keep sleep at bay.

When it came eventually near 7am than 6am, it was nether deep or refreshing. It was the kind of sleep that bizarrely one feels worse for after having. That’s possibly because you know that the cycle has to be broken somehow, you just don’t know exactly how.

So tonight will be fun!

Anyhow, here is some of Michael Nyman’s’ rejected score for the film ‘Practical Magic’.