Modo meets the challenge..

…and fails to meet it!

As I wrote yesterday, after the period of collective bizarreness that marked Liz’s death, suddenly being reacquainted with reality was always going to be something of a shock, but thankfully Chancer Modo eased us back into it gently. Much like a coma patient being introduced gradually to familiar sounds, smells and faces, so to has Modo used the tried and tested Conservative economic standards in his mini budget today by cutting corporation tax, increasing stamp duty ( a cut essentially), and cutting income tax by 1p.

Not everyone has their income tax cut by 1p however. We’re dealing with Conservatives here, after all, and much like leopards, they don’t change their spots. So Conservatives do what Conservatives always do and will always do, which is to look after their own. By cutting the tax rate of the highest earners from 45% to 40%.

How much this will do this and do that is essentially inconsequential when compared to the message it sends out.

But I’m off to the seaside. Where it’ll rain constantly, be cold and thus typically British!