My daily election notes. E-Day – 49

by Pseud O'Nym

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In the run up to the election, I’ll be temporarily suspending my recent blog writing apathy in favour of attempting to write a short blog every day of the campaign and my thoughts on it. I’ve always been inordinately fascinated by politics and it’s potential to effect transformative change for the betterment of both the individual and therefore society.

But as I wrote in back in 2014

Quite why there persists in people’s minds the idea that politics is complicated baffles me, as politics isn’t complicated at all. One is meant to think that it is, and that suits the main political parties just fine and dandy. Political parties claim to want voter engagement but actually they fear an informed electorate. Largely because, just as Dorothy discovers in ‘The Wizard Of Oz’, the electorate will realize when they pull back the curtain that the wizard is not a wizard at all, but in fact an ordinary man, and they will react with anger that for so long the truth has been hidden from them.

In a later entry, I promise to outline my theory that anyone who understands how a family operates – the dynamics and tensions that are at play, the ever shifting balance of powers between the parents and the children and the temporary alliances built on need – can understand politics. Anything that is so complicated that at its most basic level it cannot be explained to anyone with an I.Q. larger than the radius of their kneecap, suggests that the fault lies with the person attempting to simplify the complicated. I promise I will outline my theory in another post, but now is not the time.


The time is now however to speculate on the possibility that the retiring Labour MP Andy Burham is related to Captain Black, him off of the Mysterons? Are some unseen hands pulling his strings?