My election notes. E-Day – 44

by Pseud O'Nym




One of the more curious aspects of this snap General Election was how it completely surprised everyone.

No-one saw it coming. Not the legions of political pundits, who often act as intermediaries for ‘ sources close to’, not the journalists who offer instant opinion, now even more instant in this age of social media. Not even the upper echelons of her own party knew. Even though Teresa May presides over a Conservative party with seemingly unassailable lead in the polls over Labour – and the polls are never wrong are they – it was assumed that much commented upon caution would prevail. And prevent her from doing what she has just done.

That’s what I find so curious. I mean not letting any of the opposition parties know until you announce it, fair enough. I mean you wouldn’t tell a bank you were going to rob them, but you’d tell the people who needed to know, perhaps not the exact time, date and location but let them know to expect something. The people supplying the cars, those providing safe houses, fences if emptying deposit boxes was involved, the people who needed to know in advance.

But no.

She didn’t.

But then given the ludicrous manner of her becoming PM in the first place, is it such as surprise? Remember the morning after European Referendum? When we awoke to discover that the country had voted to leave Europe? One might have thought the Leave campaign would immediately effect a seamless and a well thought through plan to ensure stability. To provide reassurance to those who had voted to Remain that the sky wasn’t going to fall in. To offer reassurance to our allies and to the global financial markets, to offer some vestige of competent leadership, giving the impression of calm, sober efficiency and business as usual. But rather the leaders of the Leave campaign spent the weekend after the vote quietly promoting themselves as David Cameron’s successor whilst publicly disavowing any such intention.

Eventually we ended up with Teresa May, a bit like at school when teams are picked in the playground and all the best players have been chosen and on it goes until only the rubbish ones that no-one wants are left.

That’s Teresa May.