My election notes. E-Day – 42

by Pseud O'Nym


Jeremy Corbyn yesterday at the last Prime Ministers Questions before the election claimed that ‘he will always stand up for the many and not the few. That is real leadership.’

Er, not in my book it isn’t! Leadership is when you stand for what you something you instinctively believe to be right, even if the majority disagree with you – and here comes the important caveat – and having the courage to admit you were wrong when presented with conclusive evidence that rubbishes your previous position.

Or championing the rights of the few when the majority screams otherwise. One only needs to look back in our recent past to see how much the prevailing social orthodoxy has changed over time. So what was acceptable then is abhorrent now.  Leadership is about being slightly ahead of the curve.

Supporting that the majority want isn’t leadership; it’s the very opposite of it. It’s pandering to the mob.

And we wouldn’t want Don Corleone to be be our next P.M?

Mind you, writing about Don Corleone puts me in mind of Tony Blair, who has today rather helpfully refused to endorse Jeremy Corbyn for P.M. I mean would you want Tony Blairs endorsement for anything? I bet the Corbyn camp are delighted with the news! Tony Blair has as much credibility with Labour voters as a parent who says to a child with a grazed knee, just before applying some anti-septic “Now this might sting a bit.”