My election notes. E-Day – 38

by Pseud O'Nym


Today some parents released photographs of their two-year-old daughter. Whilst there’s nothing intrinsically newsworthy about that, the fact that she is the daughter the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge renders it so to some media lickspittles.

The BBC reported that:

In the image, Charlotte is wearing a knitted yellow cardigan with a sheep motif and a navy blue clip in her hair.

Helpfully describing something we could see, mind you, they weren’t alone in this. This is from The Daily Telegraph;

She is pictured at their Norfolk home Anmer Hall, wearing a yellow cardigan, decorated with images of sheep, while she sports a navy clip in her hair.

Not be out-toadied, the BBC thought we might like to know that;

The family is expected to throw a birthday party for the Princess.

I know! Shocking news! Parents expected to throw a birthday party for their child! No parent in the history of ever has done that!

But no newspaper makes so much story of so little fact – especially when it concerns the Royal family – as the Daily Mail.

Children’s party planner Antonia Voss has revealed to FEMAIL what she predicts from the princess’ second birthday celebrations.

Antonia believes the Cambridges may also opt for a teddy bears’ picnic-themed party – weather permitting – with plenty of cakes, jelly and ice cream.

If that doesn’t sound grand enough, her fee for this guesswork demands more conjecture;

But given the little Princess’ love for animals, she might prefer an wildlife-themed party.

‘A professionally-run petting zoo with lambs, chicks and rabbits, tractor rides around the grounds and a puppet theatre complete with hay bale seating could make for a really memorable day,’ says Antonia

Foolishly I’d imagined we’d grown out of all this bowing and scraping to those whom certain sections have deemed more worthy than others. The Daily Mail, along with the Telegraph and the BBC all run stories about benefit cheats, but the right sort of benefit cheats. The poor, the weak and those who exist of the margins of society, convenient scapegoats of press opprobrium. But if you live at the other end of the social spectrum, as do the Royals – themselves living a lavish taxpayer funded lifestyle – then the press offer slavish deference.

This attitude that some are better than others or that some are just born leaders, because of an accident birth – being born to the right person is something I see in my mother and brother when they talk about politics. Or rather, they talk about politics in much the same way toddler given a T.V. remote control will change channels. They see everything as a single issue, unrelated to any other, they don’t join up the dots, because they don’t know there are any dots. Not that I see them all, but I know what I don’t know. And I don’t know what I don’t know.

A bit like Donald Rumsfeld.

As far as they’re concerned the Royal family are just better than everyone else in much the same way asTeresa Mat is just better than Jeremy Corbyn.