My election notes. E-Day + 4

by Pseud O'Nym


The trapped nerve in my left arm which prevented me from writing a couple of blogs before the election, is forcibly making itself known to me again today, with the result that typing this sends shooting pains down my arm.

But my almost pathological need to share my thoughts is greater than the pain hence some short observations.

Teresa May reminds me of Oliver Hardy. It was reported earlier by the BBC that

Theresa May has apologised to Tory MPs for the party’s election performance, telling them “I got us into this mess I’ll get us out of it.”

Although thinking about it Hardy would accuse Laurel of getting him into “Another fine mess!”.  And although she has landed us in a mess, certainly, fine however it is far from.

Actually it has just occurred to me who she better reminds me of. Charlie Croaker. Who? The loveable criminal played by Michael Caine in ‘The Italian Job’. Who, when his gang of chancer’s attempts to flee Europe with the gold after the robbery, the coach they’re escaping on slides on a narrow mountain road, resulting in the back of the bus is left teetering over a cliff and the gold slides towards the rear doors. As Croker attempts to reach the gold, it slips further. The film finishes on a literal cliffhanger with Croker announcing he has a “great idea”.


Let’s hope she has.



Appointing Michael Gove as the Environment Minister is rather like appointing Katie Price as a marriage guidance counsellor, because when he was Education Minster, he tried to get the teaching of climate change taken off the National Curriculum!



It’s ironic that the D.U.P’s Arlene Foster believes in devolution because she doesn’t believe in evolution!