The misanthrope’s advent calendar – day 24

by Pseud O'Nym

One thing I hate about christmas – and there are a lot – is the hypocrisy it reveals. Now there’s a certain amount of lies, white lies, that are necessary for the smooth functioning of the social order lest petty squabbles don’t become drunken arguments that then escalate into crime scenes. When a delighted ‘Oh, its wonderful!’ or an enthusiastic rush to try something on might easily have avoided any violent unpleasantness on christmas day.

No, the hypocrisy to which I refer is to that particular brand of cant, practiced by the cants in this government who have not only designed a such harsh welfare system for the poorest in society, but their equally complicit fellow travelers who have voted these measures into law.

I’m thinking of James Brokenshire, the Housing Minister who said in relation to Office of National Statistics figures reporting deaths of homeless, rough sleepers and others, had increased to 600 last year,  blamed other factors

It was as if these tragic deaths had somehow occurred in a vacuum and not partly due to successive cuts to welfare provision and mental health services. I fully accept that the welfare bill needs cutting, its just at a figure in of £93 billion a year, it should be the corporate welfare bill tat should be cut. What about the monarchy?

How are we living in anything like a just society when those in control of taxpayers funds deem some costs somehow more worthy than others. The queen lives on state benefits. She holidays at our expense. Are the D.W.P ever told about her leaving the country? She has numerous dwellings around the country, but does the D.W.P ask her what happens when she’s not there? Or even when she is there? How many bedrooms can one person sleep in at a time? So is she being sanctioned for under occupancy? Her eldest son runs a business. Are the D.W.P investigating him for fraud or is he taking the biscuit? One of her grandchildren gets married and we pay for it?

What other pensioner would get an £ 82 million payment to help cover the cost of doing up the electrics at her gaffs?

In what way exactly isn’t she a benefit cheat?

Additionally, the hypocrisy of those in this government who champion free speech and bang on about how one of the most important functions the press is to hold government to account, sunlight being a disinfectant and other blah. Yet then are oddly quiet when this government imposes conditions on charities and other groups that receive government funding of not making any comments critical of this government’s welfare policy.

Now I’m sure Iain Duncan-Smith and Amber Rudd are generous and caring individuals to their friends, kind and forgiving when they want to be, but on the evidence of policies he’s enacted and she’s carrying forward proves that they don’t want be generous, caring, kind or forgiving very often.

But in my opinion the worst kind of hypocrites are those who bemoan the rampant poverty and injustice in society, yet have no qualms about voting Conservative. Its staggering beyond words how people can reconcile the two. There wouldn’t be a Conservative government if people didn’t keep voting for one, or not voting Labour.

They’re the biggest cants!