A misanthrope’s New Year warning…

by Pseud O'Nym

One of the things I hate about New Years Eve celebrations is fireworks with music. I mean I hate fireworks to music at any time of the year but on New Years Eve it just feels more…wrong. For me it just reduces to whole thing somehow because the noise of the explosions should be enough. I know that not everyone feels the same way about this as I do, but that’s okay, I’ll allow them to be wrong.

Because they are.

And whilst I’m on the subject of New Years Eve fireworks, or indeed any celebration with fireworks another thing that annoys me is the excited squeals of delight from children as the fireworks explode. I don’t want to hear them or their irritating progenitors, as at least children have an excuse to be irritating but why must they do it within my hearing.

Because they do.

Another thing I find annoying about the New Years Eve celebrations televised on the BBC, is not that they have people herded like cattle into pens on the banks of the Thames, people who’ve paid for the questionable privilege of being treated in a way that would make people smugglers envious. It’s not that they always find some useless carbon unit to propose to some equally pointless oxygen guzzler, live on television for the entertainment of those watching. Every-time they say ‘Yes’, but just once I’d like them to say ‘No’

Of course I’d want them to say ‘Yes’ but later, in a private moment, away from the cameras, not as some piece of tawdry entertainment. I’m not wholly without feelings.

But  the thing I find the most annoying about New Years Eve is the false hope it offers, that simply by wanting the New Year to be better than the previous one, it will be. It won’t be, not this year, not least for the poor, and not so poor, in the UK. The wealthy will be fine, as they always are, protected by their wealth from the worst ravages of Brexit. All this guff about a hard or soft Brexit, about whether a ‘no deal’ is better than a ‘bad deal’, makes me think of a rapist being thought of as considerate because he wears a condom. It’s still an act of unspeakable violence with unknowable consequences for years to come.