Hello stable door. Meet horse!

by Pseud O'Nym

So today is the so called ‘Peoples Vote’ march in London in support of stoping Brexit by having another referendum and thus revoking the verdict of the genuine peoples vote.

Because the march today by isn’t the people who were on the winning side after the first referendum.  It’ll full of sore losers. Imagine if the leavers had lost by 4%? Would remain voters be so tolerant of their whinging?

And what about 33% of people who could vote in the referendum, but didn’t. They’ve somehow managed to avoid being denounced as the true enemies of democracy they are!

As any politician will tell you,the easier it is for someone to protest, the more they will ignore it. Signing ann online petition about anything is as much use as as a marzipan dildo. Companies are different, they have share-holders and profits to worry about. Politicians don’t. If someone sits down, writes a letter, and then posts it, a politician might notice that. because that requires some effort. Taking to the streets is another level of effort altogether. One has to devote a chunk of free time to participate in it, but also one has to get there and back. Politicians tend to notice that, except that noticing something and then acting upon it are two very different things.

Before the first Iraq war, over a million people took to the streets of London to make their opposition to it known and what was the result? I mean apart from being a bonanza for the people who printed off the ‘Stop The War’ placards. They made out like bandits! But otherwise, aside from worthy speeches from the sort of people who always made speeches at marches, nothing. The largest march ever in British history, and it didn’t stop the war. Despite Blair being such a fan of focus groups,  nothing.

If over 17 million people, the number of people who voted to leave the E.U take part in the march, well thats something. What that something is debatable. We could always have vote on it!

(This is facile in the extreme I know, but then so is calling for a second referendum but I have a fantasy of the marchers at the child’s school sports day, and demanding that the parents race be held again, not because they didn’t win it, but because the rules weren’t properly explained, or that the winner didn’t win by enough)