On holding my nose when voting…

by Pseud O'Nym

The European elections on Thursday present me with something of a quandary. Not just because none of the choices are especially appealing, but also that voting in an election is such a fundamental belief, that not to do so would be almost as bad as admitting that homeopathy is a science, that ghosts are real, religion isn’t just arrant nonsense or that Elvis isn’t dead.

Any party that has as a campaign pledge to consider, or to outright commit to having a ‘peoples vote’ is a party I don’t want to be invited to, given that I believe that the first referendum result gave a clear indication of the will of the people. I voted to remain, but unlike those calling for a second referendum, I dealt with the fact I was on the losing side, because in a democracy, not everyone gets what they want. If someone wins, it follows that someone loses. Had the rules of the referendum stipulated the minimum winning margin for it to be legal, fair enough, run it again. Equally, the rules said that in the event of a “Leave’ vote, a withdrawal agreement with the E.U. would be negotiated and then a confirmatory vote put to the people once they’d seen the deal, great.

But there wasn’t .

And if there is one thing that is going to communicate to communities throughout the land that the Westminster political elite isn’t listening to them – or doesn’t like what it hears – and ignores their wishes using highly spurious and condescending reasons to justify their shameful betrayal, then holding a second referendum is certain to do it. And a betrayal is exactly what it is. If this were happening in Turkey, then the same people who call for a second referendum here would be denouncing it as undemocratic. (Actually, that’s not a good example, given how the wrong candidate won the Istanbul mayoral election, causing their electoral stooges to declare it void and be run again….)

Which is not a universally popular view, not least when you share a house with two staunch believers in the necessity of there being second referendum. So on Thursday I am faced with an unenviable choice. Either I void the ballot paper, or vote for the Brexit Party, in which case it would be a case of that old political adage of holding your nose while you vote.

Sunday the 26th at 10pm should be quite interesting, because that is when the results will be announced! Not only will we see how people here have voted, but where. If it transpires that not only is there a north/south divide, but also a town/country divide and additionally a young/old divide, I look forward with relish to the various competing and contradictory explanations used by all sides to persuade us that the results do/don’t mean what they do in fact mean.

Speaking of which, one inevitably thinks of Liberal Democrats and their so-called triumph in the local elections. They were nothing of the sort, because local elections are second-tier elections, they’re the political equivalent of being chosen for the second XI at school. And the Liberal Democrats are neither liberal nor democratic, as proven by their insistence on ignoring the will of the people, using craven and patronizing objections to justify their frankly incredibly intolerant position. Quite why anyone would trust them again after their ill-fated coalition with the Conservative Party is beyond me, being as how they have as much credibility as a crystal healer.