Oh goody gum-drops!

by Pseud O'Nym

Just heard the news that Teresa May is to resign. Not immediately, but on June 7th. It makes me think of someone in a relationship they know is going to end, but they’ve got a holiday booked, so they’ll wait until they’re back before dumping them. They’ve told their family and all their friends, who are relieved that finally they’re following their advice to end it, because it was an increasingly unhealthy relationship. Of course they’ll keep schtum.

Actually, her announcing her intention to quit, but without actually quitting is sort of emblematic of her sorry stint as Prime Minister. Not only has she ruined what otherwise promised to be a gloriously sunny Bank Holiday weekend, but she has unleashed a leadership contest that will both create parliamentary paralysis when we can least afford the stasis, and will produce a non leader leader, someone unable to deliver what’s so desperately needed.

Talk about a poisoned chalice!