Tonight is going to be a great night!

by Pseud O'Nym

Tonight is going to be a great night, at least in terms of keeping me entertained, that is. For others, it will less great as the results of the European election come in, but they can take some comfort in the fact that they have played a vital role in a democratic exercise, granted not the role they would have wanted, but vital nonetheless.

So I’ll be watching and listening to the BBC coverage and analysis – as if any sensible person would do anything else – from 10pm. Early predictions are expected at about 5pm, with provisional results expected around about 11pm.

In keeping with my aspiration not to swear on this blog, but knowing tonight might prove a challenge, I have found a solution to this dilemma that I’m sure most politicians would approve of. I might swear, but in a language that isn’t English, so if you read a word on my blog tonight that you’ve never encountered, well know you know.

As I might blog tonight assisted by some fermented liquids, there may well be some grammatical errors.