Me on thin ice.

by Pseud O'Nym

This morning saw the final nail to rammed home into the coffin that is my Labour party membership. I, like so many others, joined the Labour party in the immediate aftermath of Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader, imbued with a feeling of hope that finally the Labour party would reengage socialism again. After the complete and utter destruction that Tony Blair wreaked on Labour in the mid 1990’s to make it electable, Labour increasingly saw itself not so much as an instrument to help bring about positive social change for the many, but to win elections by making it almost indistinct from the Conservative Party. No wonder then, when Mrs. Thatcher was asked to name her greatest political success, she replied “Tony Blair.”

So the election of Corbyn as leader indicated a new kind of politics, and so it proved to be, just not in the way I’d hoped. As a backbench MP he’d never been a great orator, but that didn’t matter, because it wasn’t because of how he was saying what he what he was saying more that he was saying it. He defied the party whip, abstained or voted against Labour governments, although to be fair, they were Tony Blair version of a Labour government, so the blame wasn’t all his. But it does make it rather difficult when your leader to call on Labour MP’s to show loyalty when he wasn’t overly encumbered with it previously.

So fast-forward to this morning. It wasn’t the news that,

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has launched a formal investigation into the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism.

As bad as anti-Semitism is, unless someone is calling you anti-Semitic names, sending you anti-Semitic social media messages or being explicitly anti-Semitic, how do you prove it? I mean, I know that I’m on very thin ice here, not being Jewish, but not wishing to excuse anything away, but how do you prove anti-Semitic intent or religious hatred?

Anyway, best I quit whilst I’m ahead and let you know what it was that finally did it for me. It was this,

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to support a second referendum on any Brexit deal after the Labour leadership came under overwhelming pressure to halt the exodus of its remain voters who backed pro-EU parties at the European elections.

A craven betrayal of Labour voters who’d voted to leave the EU, a pathetic and cowardly attempt to staunch the losses suffered in the EU elections, and to appease the elements Labour calling for a second referendum. By so doing, he’s proven himself to be just as focused on winning elections by abandoning principles as Tony Blair!