by Pseud O'Nym

So Donald Trump has said that Boris Johnson would make an ‘excellent’ Prime Minister. That is indeed some endorsement, although if it be a good or bad one does rather depend on your view of Donald Trump, and the worth you place on his opinion.

You might think him a great communicator, as his predecessor Ronald Reagan was often reputed to be, adept at his use of Twitter and other media to be so. You might also be of the opinion of him as a skilled diplomatic operator, able to both to think strategically and be aware of the possible long-term consequences of his foreign policy aims, effectively negotiate to achieve them. Domestically, you might think he’s been tireless in attempting efforts to heal the many divisions that afflict his country, in order to – to use one of his campaign slogans – ‘make America great again’.

You might also think that an endorsement, carried as it is in a newspaper infamous for its Page 3 image of topless women, is perhaps the perfect metaphor for such.

Francis Urquhart!