I’m a bit Eddie Izzard now

by Pseud O'Nym

One of the great things about technology is that when it works it works seamlessly, despite one not knowing how it works or the or beginning to complex instructions that happen instantaneously needed to enable it to work.  This means that user is saved masses amounts of time by the simplification of the user interface.  When it works it’s kind of like a swan, inasmuch as what you see is elegant and effortless movement through water, what you don’t see are its furious underwater exertions to make it so.
When it doesn’t you end up a bit like Eddie Izzard.
I am Eddie Izzard now.  Because I am unable to log into wordpress using my own computer.  Why this is the case I’ve no idea and equally I’ve no idea as to how to rectify it.  This blog entry has been typed on my own computer, then sent to my own email address, which I can then access on her computer and then I’ve copied and pasted it into the blog post you are now reading.  No doubt when you are reading these words I’ll be engaged in a live chat with what one of what wordpress ambitiously call their ‘happiness engineers’ !
One thinks of Sheldon Cooper’s scornful dismissal of people who work in the Apple Store as being ‘geniuses’!