A real contest!

by Pseud O'Nym

The problem in choosing the lesser of two evils is that either way, one chooses evil and thinking about this in relation to the Tory party leadership contest, the eventual winner will still be a Tory. It’s like a political ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, wherein you think that if befriend your kidnapper they’ll be nice to you. And conveniently overlook the fact that if the ransom isn’t paid, sooner or later their going to kill you.

And writing of death puts me in mind of a radically new way not only to run the Tory leadership contest, but also to increase public interest. Have a televised, fight to the death format. No weapons, no time limit and no rules. Then we’d see how much people wanted it. Just all the hopefuls, in an arena, until only one remained.

I’d watch that. They all say how much they want a real leadership contest, not a coronation don’t they?

Although if we applied it to the Labour Party, well, Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t be odds on favourite. Now Tom Watson, he looks quite handy, although it’s a pity Dan Jarvis is no longer a Labour MP, seeing as he’s now Mayor of Sheffield. He was a Major in the Paratroop Regiment and he’s only 46!