A confederacy of dunces..

by Pseud O'Nym

Today would be a masterstroke of ironic genius if it wasn’t for the fact that it is a painful indictment of the human condition, one which will help bring about our eventual extinction as a species.

On the one hand, we have protesters taking to the streets through out the world and well, protesting about climate change, or to be more accurate the lack of any concerted and sustained and demanding meaningful action be taken or those with the power to effect such. What this action might be and how effective it might be is another matter. However, the important thing is not only are that they are doing something, it is that they are seen to be doing it.

On the other hand, we have the news that the travel company Thomas Cook is at risk of collapse, therefore holiday-maker’s plans are put at risk.

The utter ridiculousness of these situations was put into sharp relief on ‘The World at One’ today. Immediately following an earnest report on the climate change protestors concerns, there then followed what was supposed to be a heart-rending tale of a holidaymaker whose plans to jet off to the Maldives had been thrown into question by the turmoil engulfing Thomas Cook. That would be the Maldives Islands that are at great risk of flooding due to rising sea levels caused by climate change, partly caused by the emissions caused by aviation fuel released into the atmosphere.

That Maldives.

Mind you, at least the weather was nice for the protestors!