Begat the bigot..

by Pseud O'Nym

The Democratic Unionist Party (D.U.P) have made a huge deal out of the fact that they will not accept any Brexit deal which treats Northern Ireland differently to the rest of the United Kingdom, as they believe it might undermine the union.

Fair enough.

But if someone could explain to me how this is in any way compatible with opposing abortion and same-sex marriage legislation which applies throughout the rest of the United Kingdom, then please, do.

The Stormont Assembly met for nearly the first time in three years today to discuss plans introduced by Westminster to change the law at midnight to allow the citizens of Northern Ireland to enjoy the same rights as everyone else in the United Kingdom. They haven’t met for any other reason – such as health, education, housing, the environment, the economy, transport, etc – in short undertaken any of the functions you’d expect a devolved government to be focused upon.

Arlene Foster, the leader of the D.U.P, made a speech denouncing this change in the law – which is only taking place because Northern Ireland is in breach of Human Rights law and Stormont hasn’t acted to rectify this – claiming that this was a bad day for the unborn. Mmm. That would be the unborn who haven’t been born yet and ould love to be born into a society clinging to out-dated and bigoted idea’s, that just because they are rooted in some nonsensical belief system that have spurious legitimacy?