And we’re off!

by Pseud O'Nym

As polling day is Thursday 12th, then the it follows that election results come in on Friday 13th. And given that our unliveable rogue has likened Brexit to the film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, perhaps there might be other, more suitable films to identify with. After all, ‘The Shawshank Redemption was a box office flop upon it’s initial cinema release and although Boris focuses on Andy’s crawl through a sewer to escape prison as something of a metaphor, it is worth noting that whilst Andy was innocent of the double murder that put him there, as he himself says ‘it took coming to prison to make me a criminal.’ Specifically facilitating, if not making possible, the prison wardens fraudulent activities by his money laundering skills. Perhaps then not the best choice, despite some morons calling it a classic. It isn’t, and is only considered to be so by cretins who persist in the deluded belief that somehow the ‘Star Wars’ films are anything but children’s films.


Now ‘The Third Man’ is a classic but I can’t say why I think it more suitable a metaphor for Brexit than ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ as I’m going to recommend it to a friend and I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Thinking about it, Boris’s choice of “The Shawshank Redemption’ perfectly encapsulates his whole political outlook. Most people have heard it hailed as a classic, but despite not having seen it, think it must be. It’s an easy win for a political chancer. He wants us to think he has the common touch, but his well-documented horizontal gymnastics suggest his touch is more Casanova than common