My Election Notes 2019; E-Day -37

by Pseud O'Nym

I’m a bit late posting today, as I’ve been wandering around Kings Cross both somewhat astonished but totally appalled by wanton vandalism of the developers. Yes, to be sure, they created new homes, but how many of those houses are affordable to nurses or schoolteachers and whilst they may have also created ‘exciting new retail and restaurant opportunities, are they affordable to anyone other than tourists who’ve just got off at Kings Cross International? The Kings Cross of my youth was seedy now it is safe. Full of street-food stalls and clothes shops where junkies and prostitutes used to hang out. It is now bland and anodyne, and there is nothing distinctive about it; it could easily be any canal-side development in any European capital. Mind you, I can’t see the town planners in Paris allowing that!

Anyway, if Jacob Rees-Mogg faced trial by social media over his comments about Grenfell yesterday, what then of John Bercow and his comments , reported in ‘The Guardian’ under the headline

John Bercow: Brexit is UK’s biggest mistake since second world war

My first thought, when my friend showed it to me was ‘WTF?” I couldn’t read on, because it was on her ‘phone and I needed to stop sitting down being outraged at – and in – Kings Cross. I thought how genuinely offensive that comment was, especially so close to Rememberence Sunday, and on and so forth. Then I got home and read the article, and realised the it was the headline writer or the sub-editors who were at fault, rather than John Bercow. What he actually said, if one read the story, was

Bercow, who was persistently accused of bias by Brexit-backing MPs during his term as Speaker, gave a valedictory speech to the Foreign Press Association, revealing himself to be a remainer.

“I don’t think it helps the UK. Brexit is the biggest mistake of this country after the war. I respect [the] prime minister, [Boris] Johnson, but Brexit doesn’t help us. It’s better to be part of the [EU] power bloc,” Bercow said, according to the journalist Antonello Guerrera, of La Repubblica, who attended the event in London.

‘I know’, I thought,’I’ll see what the Daily Mail make of it, because one can always depend on them for outrage.’

And what greeted me was the headline;

John Bercow reveals what he REALLY thinks about Brexit: Former Speaker calls leaving the EU ‘the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post war period’ in his first speech since leaving Commons

No mention of the Second World War. For a moment I thought I was in an alternate reality, one where ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Daily Mail’ had swopped and one had become the other. In an election campaign, this matters hugely, because if I used Facebook, Twitter or something else, and if someone sent me the headline in ‘The Guardian’, I’d be in a massive tizzy right now. Flaming pitchforks, the works! And as a worrying amount of people get their news from social media, news that chimes with opinions agree with and have short attention spans – they only glance at their social media news feeds This should be concerning. It should concern ‘The Guardian’ who bang on endlessly about Cambridge Analytica, the fear-mongering promolgated by Edward Snowden, and only yesterday were condemning the governments decision not to release a report into alledged Russian interference in UK affairs, including supposed fake news.

Perhaps someone should have a word with their subs first?