My Election Notes 2019: E-Day- 36

by Pseud O'Nym


Ah, the illiberal demagogues, bless! Lead – I mean the heavy metal thick used on roofs sense, not in charting a sensible course – by the unillustrious Jo Swindle, she is political proof of Joseph Goebbel’s famous dictum, namely, that if you tell a big lie often enough, eventually people will start to believe. I mean, one almost has to applaud the sheer audacity of a political party calling itself the Liberal Democrats, when it’s main appeal to voters is that its going to repeal Article 50. Regardless of the legality or not of that, what is more concerning is the incomprehensible arrogance needed to ignore the wishes of 17.4 million people who voted ‘Leave’. How is that either Liberal or Democratic?

She was challenged on this, on how was ignoring the wishes of 17.4million people the start needed to heal the divisions in this disUnited Kingdom by holding a second referendum,a peoples vote or revoking Article 50, at her press conference on Monday by the BBBC’s Laura Kuenssberg. Her response was essentially ‘We’ve been upfront about what we’ll do, we think Brexit is a bad idea, we want to stop it, we’ve made no secret of it and if I’m the next Prime Minister , that’s what I’ll do.’ (You can hear it on the BBC’s excellent ‘Electioncast’ here, at 11min

I mean they are aware that we have a first past the post electoral system for general elections aren’t they? And that the only reason they enjoyed the success they did in the recent European elections was because they use proportional representation? Only in my nightmares is she going to be the next Prime Minister

And just because they proclaim to be something doesn’t mean they are, unless of course they’re channelling the spirit of the ‘Red Queen’ in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, in which case it means what she says it means. Otherwise could someone please tell me exactly how are the ‘Liberal Democrats’ either liberal or democratic? How is ignoring the result of  democratic vote, compatible with that. Being in a democracy means accepting things you don’t like when the result isn’t the one you wanted. I voted for to remain like a lot of people but more people didn’t. It sucked cocks in hell for few days but after that I got over it. Unlike people who put (lack of) virtue-signalling above the more pressing domestic challenges our country faces. It’s a simple choice, thankfully made easier by Jo Swindle, for people who like simple choices.

Because they’re known for keeping any pre-election pledges, aren’t they? Oh…….