My Election Notes 2019: E-Day -28 (pt. 2)

by Pseud O'Nym

As if any more proof were needed that our species is not just incapable, but is actively hindering, our diminishing chances of survival, I draw your attention to these news stories that I found on the BBC website this morning. And as the BBC news website is my homepage, I didn’t have to search for them. They were just there, damning evidence of our culpability in our own inevitable extinction.

Thousands of homes to be built in flood zones

Almost 10,000 new homes could be built on some of the most flood-prone areas of England, a Greenpeace investigation has found.

They include hundreds of new-builds in Sheffield and Doncaster, the towns hit hardest by the latest floods. The Environment Agency told the BBC that virtually all planning applications last year followed its advice on flood risk.

But it predicts the flooding risk will increase because of climate change. The Greenpeace study comes as hundreds of flood-hit homes in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire are still evacuated. It identifies plans to build a total of 9,688 new homes in high-risk areas. More than 5,000 homes have been proposed in high-risk zones of Lincolnshire, where roads and thousands of acres of farmland have been flooded in the last few days.

Exactly how does this make any sense whatsoever?

China’s largest dump is already full – 25 years ahead of schedule.

The Jiangcungou landfill in Shaanxi Province, which is the size of around 100 football fields, was designed to take 2,500 tonnes of rubbish per day.

But instead it received 10,000 tonnes of waste per day – the most of any landfill site in China.

It’s not that humanity is fucked, more that we’re bringing strap ons to make sure we’re well and truly fucked!