My Election Notes 2019: E-Day – 6 (pt.2)

by Pseud O'Nym

It was an odd day, yesterday, with one of the oddest things being the right wing press’s fury over Jeremy Corbinned plan not to watch the queens speech on Christmas Day but possibly to visit a homeless shelter instead. In what universe is this a bad thing? My recollection of the bible may be a little hazy – I’ve got brain damage after all – but I don’t ever recall it mentioning Jesus partying with the rich and glamorous of Roman society. Nor I recollect it saying he sought out their company to share his teachings with them. Or do any of his party tricks for them.

So quite why any politician seeking election to the highest office in the land should be lambasted for not choosing to watch an unelected benefit scrounger telling us that she too has had a difficult year is utterly beyond me. She has palaces, castles and country estates – not inner-city, crime ridden and austerity ravaged estates either. One’s where one goes shooting, not try to avoid being shot or stabbed up.

t’s not like she’s going to throw open the doors to the hundreds of unused rooms in her various gaffs, is she? Or in her speech say something like ‘ I feel racked with guilt about having so much when so many of you have so little. It isn’t fair that you the taxpayer should keep me and my family warm and fed this Christmas! So to any one whose in a hostel this Christmas, let me give you a Christmas present, my doors of my houses are open to you, so come on in, you own them, after all’ No, her and her parasitic family of freeloaders will scrounge off us once again.

Isn’t Corbinned trying to embody of everything the bible claims Jesus was, said and did? Indeed, there is one interpretation of the bible that see’s Jesus as a socialist. This episode neatly encapsulates why Corbinned is fit for the top job, because whilst some of Labours policies may not be to everyone’s taste, they come from a good place and speak volumes about the direction he wants to lead Britain in and the difference between him and Boris’s Johnson.