My Election Notes 2019: E-Day -3 (pt.2)

by Pseud O'Nym

As the regular reader of this blog will know only too well, my view of humanity’s extinction from this planet as both welcome and inevitable to say the least. I fail to see how any rational person can view the state of the planet – and it is in a fucking state – with anything other than a feeling of profound regret. Regret that when effective action to reverse man made climate change could’ve been taken, it wasn’t and now it’s too late.

No matter how one changes their diet, their method of transport or stops using single use plastic containers, one is still contributing to the problem by simply being alive. The single most effective act anyone could take – or not take – is to stop having babies, because the less babies there are, the less consumer’s they’ll grow up to be. Perhaps I’m missing something here, but it seems quite simple; less children now means less people tomorrow. Yet no political party is advocating that advocating for that, in fact quite the opposite if this story in yesterdays ‘Daily Mail’ is to be believed,

Boris’s Brexit baby boom! Prime Minister claims ‘romance will bloom across the whole nation’ once it leaves the EU but refuses to say whether he and Carrie Symonds will be among the prophesied new parents

I know we’re fucked  but this is simply taking the piss! But to be all grown up and serious this, to me at least, reveals the inherent contradiction of capitalism that dooms humanity. Namely, that the money to try and solve climate change comes from consumers consuming things that they need to pay tax on, and to earn the money needed to buy those things, they need to work, and by working they’re creating the very problem of consumerism. Even the Greens are promoting this fiction of a sustainable economy, that by a combination of environmental alchemy and nationalised positive thinking, the inevitable can somehow be avoided.

To me its the same as a parent who says to their child who is dying in a hospital bed, “Don’t cry now, there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll be running about in no time. It’s amazing what the doctors can do nowadays”.  Bullshit, no matter how noble the motives behind it, is still bullshit. And as I’ll be dead soonish – but not too soon I hope – I won’t have to witness the anarchy that will ensue when societal norms break down and we become savages again. Or, as my partner says, “I hope I die before the meat runs out”. I think we all know how she feels.