What is what and who is who?

by Pseud O'Nym

Boris’s Johnson has this evening just announced drastic curtailments of individual liberties that he hopes will be successful in preventing a spread of the virus. The why’s and wherefore’s of what he has done, whether or not they are the right package of measures for right now or indeed, could more have been done earlier to prevent this evenings announcement, well others better paid than me will have their view. So will the twaterarti.

I’ll just confine myself – literally – to a few juvenile observations.

This thing about only going out for one bit of exercise per day raises questions. How long is one bit of exercise? Is there an upper time limit? What counts as exercise?

Who enforces all of these measures? The police, whose numbers have been cut, but belatedly restored as an election bribe? The army, whose own recruitment problems are not as well known – well not in the public consciousness anyway – but just as concerning? And what of the NHS, specifically staffing levels and the drain of EU staff returning home?

Who exactly is vulnerable? I mean, we all are, ultimately, from death, either by this or something else. So who decides?

I know. Juvenile.