On addiction.

by Pseud O'Nym

I was made aware last night that my post of yesterday might possibly have been open to misinterpretation with regard to my comments about Marge. Certainly, her saying ‘I’ve read your coruscating blog’ and my partner saying pretty much the same thing, didn’t exactly imbue me with warm and fuzzy feelings inside. The last thing I want to do is accidentally offend anyone. It’s as I say to my partner if I bump into her, ‘ I don’t want to accidentally hit you, I want to do it on purpose, get some welly behind it’ She laughs at this.

Thinks I’m joking . Bless.

Anyway the point is that there are infinity better ways to offend Marge. Hang on. is that a wise thing to write when she has just made me a cup of tea? Maybe not. The reason I eschew news now, and don’t want it in my head, is that I know first how addictive it can be. I used to be like Marge, maybe better looking, with unquestionably better dress sense – I really wear a dress -, and have incomparably better taste in music, but in terms of being obsessed by news she is but a vlog with ten subscribers,  whereas I was the BBC.

Many years ago, a good friend and I would discuss politics endlessly as if we both had some personal stake in it. Actually, he sort of did, as he tried to become a Conservative counsellor. When we weren’t talking about politics it was the news and politics. People said we should never have got on, our politics were so different, but the thing was he was willing and eager to talk about them, so yes his conclusions were as wrong as he no doubt thought mine were, but that was but a minor detail.

Even on holiday my desire for news didn’t take a holiday, it came with me, much to the – very thinly veiled – annoyance of my partner. So when we should’ve been on deserted beaches on a Greek Islands, instead I had her traipsing all over for a copy of ‘The Guardian Weekly’. That was a great call.

Even in Australia, I would get up at 3, possibly 4am, to listen to BBC Radio 4’s midnight news on the World Service. Most nights. I even took a portable radio with me. Even on a boat on The Great Barrier Reef, for some incomprehensible reason I thought it a good idea – actually I didn’t even think, it was so automatic – to crash on the deck of the boat and listen to the news under the stars. Looking back at it now, I must’ve been mad!

So I know how easy it can be to think that somehow, in some nebulous but vital way, it is imperative one listens to the news. And then discusses it, dissects, tries to fathom out where exactly it fits into the news you’ve already heard, and speculate endlessly – and often incorrectly – as to what might happen next.

It’s rather like ‘Eastenders’ with an ever changing cast of characters, some who disappear only to return years later, some who just vanish, some who are just there since forever– like Ian Beale-, and multiple story lines all at the same time. Its complicated but because you’ve put the hours in, it isn’t. There are things you know, you can’t explain how you know them but you do, and to explain them to anyone else would be both impossible and take too long. And besides, if they aren’t going to stick with it, whats the point?

So yes, I know, but rather, I knew, because I’ve weaned myself off it. It wasn’t easy, because news is more easily accessible now and there’s so much more of it now’ more so now with smart ‘phones but was it worth it? Oh yes!