by Pseud O'Nym


Because maybe I’m wired up wrong but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact I’m brain damaged. I’ve always been a cynical bastard and besides, why stop now when there’s just so much to be cynical about.

Such as this, from the BBC today as part one of its ‘live coronavirus updates’,

The UN says the pandemic has caused widespread psychological distress worldwide

and I thought ‘You managed to work that all out on your own? Really? That enforced isolation, the sudden suspension of normal social inter-actions and the constant sense of anxiety that a cough or sneeze might be the harbinger of your death, you mean those have? What next? Eating nothing but chips, fried food, cream cakes and fizzy drinks might lead to obesity and a heart attack?’

It was followed up by this equally fatuous piece of nonsense,

It calls on all countries to make mental health support a key part of their virus response

Mmm. A call that will be lost among all the other calls to do this and that, given that tax revenues will have taken a massive hit and that mental health has always been seen as the ‘Cinderella’ service, certainly as far as NHS spending on it is concerned.

Oops, I wrote too soon, because what do we find as their next astounding revelation, this

The virus “may never go away”, even with a vaccine, the WHO has warned

you mean that despite the fact that there isn’t being even a cure for the common cold, despite the unlikeliness of a vaccine and the gradual adjustment in behaviours this will invariably necessitate and despite the global financial shitstorm?

No wonder these guys get the big bucks?

And just to make my day, but not a ‘Dirty Harry’ way,

Globally, the number of people confirmed to have died with Covid-19 is nearing 300,000

Anyone familiar with my blog will know how I’m going to respond to this. 300,000 deaths? Is that all? The global population is nearly 7 billion, so 300,000 isn’t even ½ of a 1% of that. A big number to be sure, but dwarfed by a much bigger one. Even 300 million is less than 45 of the global total.

For a global killer, it certainly isn’t doing that much killing. Early days though.