by Pseud O'Nym

Feeling not posting too much today. Been in the garden most of the morning, busy doing nothing, and my partner is due over soon. So the Jew is due! I know, but I’m trapped inside the body of someone who looks like they should know better but doesn’t. Anyway, here’s ‘Another Day of Sun’ from the wonderful film ‘La La Land’ As I wrote a while back – I told you I was feeling lazy -,

From the spectacular opening musical number ‘Another Day Of Sun’   – expertly choreographed on a traffic jam on a Los Angles’ flyover and edited to look as if it was done in one take – it’s as if the film is saying to the audience ‘Sit back, strap on and enjoy the ride, because we’re going to entertain you.’ And unashamedly, it does just that. Rarely does a film deliver on the breathtaking potential that cinema can offer. Rarely does a film not only make you feel better for having seen it, but also have that feeling stay with you for days. The last film I saw that had a similar effect was ‘Strictly Ballroom’ where the audience burst into spontaneous applause at the end.