Normal serviceis resumed

by Pseud O'Nym

Last night I was in the park with Marge, Joe and LMS having a birthday picnic, and being a balmy summers evening, lots of other people had the same idea. Lots of people in small groups, mostly couples, no groups of more than five, all situated a good distance from each other and best of all, no amplified music.

I was sitting there thinking ‘Ah, this is nice, after so long seeing people gathered together, but being sensible with it.’ And then suddenly the air was rent asunder by the sound of communal onansim, people clapping, cheering and generally making an infernal racket. My views on the whole clapping nonsense is not a secret, if people had wanted to show their support for the NHS, they should have voted Labour at every election. But that’s private, between you and the ballot box, whereas this clapping fuckwittery has the benefit of showcasing your concern, that you’re a nice person, that you care.

Only this morning I saw that Amazon are now selling Handmade Rainbows of Hope, to save people the hassle of making something themselves. I Immediately thought of the line in ‘Withnail & I’ ‘There selling hippy wigs in Woolworths’, both to indicate the way in which the commercial imperative will quickly see a money making opportunity in something that was seemingly impervious to it and to herald its end. If people can buy ready-made culture, like they do a pair of socks, then is it culture?

Amazon is generously donating 12% of the proceeds to various charities. That would be the Amazon, which avoids paying the tax it should pay in the UK, which could directly help the NHS. Instead of asking people to buy things with money they’ve already paid tax on and donating a pitiful amount of the profits, not the actual sales total. Paying a small percentage of a small percentage? How very Amazon!

See? Normal service has been resumed.