If only….

by Pseud O'Nym

Yesterday’s news of a vaccine for the coronavirus was good news. And just in time for Christmas too!

How fortunate is that?

That’ll make enforcement of newly announced restrictions so much easier as well. If people hear ‘vaccine’ are they going to be overly concerned about when they’ll get it or will they just hear ‘there’s no need to worry’? And party on?  Be that as it may, I’m busy packing – well my trusted helpers are, I’m just directing operations and gritting my teeth when they’re not.

So I’ve got a lot to do and being lazy, I’m to copy and paste an excerpt part of a blog I wrote in April that seems highly apposite now:

Another (fantasy) concerns anti-vaccers, people who are so set against vaccination for their child, who believe that somehow there’s a conspiracy afoot involving the government, the pharmaceutical industry, Bigfoot and the entire medical establishment. That they have pulled back the curtain to reveal the truth, which they share with equally delusional fuckwits on social media.

My fantasy is this

That at some point a vaccine for CO-VID 19 is developed and a nationwide programme of vaccinations is announced and people arrive at testing centres to get it. A somebody armed only with a white coat, ridiculous hair and a clipboard checks people’s names in the queue to get in and every so often, asks a family to step out of the queue. “Yes, there’s a bit of a problem,” they say. The children can be vaccinated, so to can any adults in the family who didn’t post on social media about how vaccinations were part of some conspiracy orchestrated by people who orchestrate conspiracies. They’d have detailed social media evidence –twitter comments and reposts – blog articles, their entire internet browsing history, transcripts of every ‘phone call they’d ever made…the whole Snowden/Cambridge Analytica nightmare. If they didn’t believe in vaccinations then, what had changed, apart from their desire not to die?

It’s just a practical application of Darwinian principles isn’t it? If people are foolish enough too believe this nonsense, what other rubbish are they going to testiculate about? And do we want them to breed, to pass on their genes?  I mean humanity is fucked; we’re heading toward extinction, anyone with an I.Q larger than the radius of their kneecap can see that, but even so, do we want more mental pygmies?

No, in a word.

Actually thinking about it, if one were to tell conspiracy theorists that conspiracy theories did exist and that they were right all along and that the moon landings were faked, that the mafia killed JFK, that Elvis is still alive, that the Loch Ness monster is real.  Would they believe you or would they think it was yet another conspiracy theory?

But since we’re all living in ‘The Matrix’ anyway, none of this really matters…