Boris’s Johnson is voter apathy made flesh.

by Pseud O'Nym

I’ve long argued that anyone that can understand the power dynamics of a family unit – the temporarily unspoken alliances based on mutual gain and the fluctuating nature of power within it – basically the way a family operates, possess the skills to understand how politics works. It isn’t complicated. Able to follow the travails of the residents of Albert Square? Westminster is just the same. Bigger issues, more at stake, but essentially just the same.

Paul Begala once said that ‘politics is show business for ugly people’, which certainly offers one explanation as to why Boris’s Johnson is our PM. To misquote his political idol, Churchill, with regard to the 2019 election and his subsequent catastrophic mismanagement over Brexit, ‘Never in an election has one man promised so much to so many but delivered so little. ‘

As looks increasingly likely the UK will leave Europe without any deal. You know, the deal he repeatedly assured voters he could deliver.  The one he claimed was ‘oven ready’, that one.

I explained to Marge last night that Boris’s Johnson is really no different to a man who on a first date makes a series of fanciful promises to woo and win unlucky girl. Perhaps even as he makes them, he believes them, who knows? It doesn’t much matter, as they never happen, and months later, when there haven’t been flowers every week, no swanky meals out, no sun drenched holidays, no being treated the way he said he’d treat her, she regrets ever meeting him.  She trusted him, and he did what men do.

Well if that man is Boris’s Johnson, yes. It’s not like he hasn’t got any previous, is it?

Actually, much as it pains me to admit it, Boris’s Johnson isn’t the real villain here. Yes, he must take his share, but as I wrote on June 2016;

No the real villains were those who didn’t vote. There was a turnout of 72.2%. Which means that 27.8% didn’t vote. How that figure is calculated I don’t know. I mean is it people who were registered to vote but didn’t, or those that weren’t registered in the first place? Either way, the result is the same. I hope that what they had to do instead of voting was more important than deciding our countries future.

And after the 2019 Election, the same thing happened, or near as damnit. As I wrote then:

At this election Conservatives got 43% share of the vote, on a turnout of 67.3%. Which means that less than ¾ of the adult population voted and of those, less than half voted Conservative. In what possible universe does this mean they’re ‘A people’s government’ as Boris’s Johnsons podium outside No.10 boasted on Friday? OK, yes, the people who bothered enough to vote Conservative, but given more people voted against them than for them, it’s not exactly what you’d call decisive, is it?

Boris’s Johnson is merely voter apathy made flesh. If the consequences of that apathy was only suffered by those who didn’t bother to vote, care I would not. At least ‘Leave’ voters voted.

It won’t be a happy new year.