MC Hammer meets the NHS

by Pseud O'Nym

It has become an unfortunate political truism that politicians, especially Conservative Cabinet members, are out of touch with the day to day reality of ordinary peoples lives. This most especially true when, as MC Hammer demonstrated today, that despite being within touching distance of winning the Conservative Party leadership contest, she felt the need to prove this with what she thought was an innovative and creative solution to the help with the cost of existing crisis.

Maybe it’s her estimated £8.4 million fortune, or maybe it’s her £155,000 parliamentary salary that causes her to think that her idea that, as ‘The Guardian‘ reported today

“GPs could write prescriptions for money off energy bills for the most vulnerable under a plan drawn up by the Treasury, as Liz Truss’s team signalled more help with costs now forecast to top £6,000 next year.

The unusual proposal would mean people could consult their doctor for an assessment on whether they are struggling enough to require help with their bills.”

Has she tried to get a GP appointment lately? In London getting a GP appointment involves having the perseverance of a snail combined with the patience of a saint and loads of free time. And I bet GP’s are thrilled with this, not having enough to do as we all know, for having yet another layer of bureaucratic nonsense to contend with.

But in the deluded mind of MC Hammer, this idea makes perfect sense, until of course it doesn’t, and is quietly dropped like the flaming turd it is and forgotten about.