Netflix meets Judi Dench.

by Pseud O'Nym

I must confess that up until recently I never had any strong feelings about Judi Dench. Indeed she must’ve thought about me about as often as I though about her. I had though we could continue in this happy state of mutual indifference until one of us died, but alas no.

It turns out that she wrote a letter to ‘The Times’ newspaper – do people still do that – to complain about the forthcoming season of ‘The Crown’, you know, the one no-one has seen yet. Anyway she worries that “a significant number of viewers, especially overseas, may take its version of history as being wholly true”

Yes those people who need to made aware in the most obvious way that ‘The Crown’ isn’t a documentary, its a work of fiction.

Like ‘M’ was in all those Bond films, albeit without such lavish sets.