NASA meets Brian

by Pseud O'Nym

Have just caught the end of ‘celebration concert’ at Windsor Castle, the one to mark Brians ability to sit on a chair and wear a hat. You know, the Windsor Castle the taxpayer paid to have rebuilt after it was nearly burnt to the ground. That one. Mind you, its a good job Brian doesn’t know any smokers.

Anyway, Kate Perry was bothering peoples ears and wearing something that was truly out of this world. Really. The last time anyone had seen that material it had been covering the NASA Lunar Rover on the surface of the moon, but I guess NASA and Lunar sort of told you it wasn’t in the deep oceans.

Then Take That came on and I thought ‘Blimey, the years haven’t been kind to Mark Owen have they?’ He used to be the sweet faced good looking one. But now, not so much. Long hair and cuban heels on a man over 40 is not a good look. Howard or Jason, the one that isn’t Gary or Robbie anyway, looked like he was the sort of bloke that should be helping police with their enquiries.

And not since ‘Live Aid’ have I seen Brian so unconvincingly look like he was enjoying himself. One of the Junior leeches was there. In a suit and tie, of course. What else would a 9 year old boy wear to a concert. And it certainly put the con into concert. Compulsory fun, the audience being told how great x was, how brilliant y was. It made me mad.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that someone has liked my last blog post who I didn’t even know got them anymore, I’d be pulling someone’s hair out by now