Brian meets Humpty Dumpty. Or Goebbels

by Pseud O'Nym

Humpty Dumpty used words as and when he liked, with no regard for their meaning, deciding on what they meant according to his own whims. Brian is exactly the same. According to the BBC news site:

King Charles added that he and his wife would now rededicate their lives to “serving the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and Commonwealth”

How exactly are they planning to do this? Is he going to volunteer one day a week as a teaching assistant at an inner city primary.? Is she going pull all night shifts as a hospital porter at an NHS hospital. No. He just spouts the same old guff and expects us tug our forelocks, bow so much that our noses are scraping the floor and unquestioning believe him. Goebbels maxim regarding telling a big enough lie often enough that it becomes true springs to mind whenever I hear about the ‘hardworking royals’. A single mother who lives on benefits and struggles to feed her family is hard working. A fireman is hardworking. Someone whose most difficult decision each day is what colour tie to wear when he cuts a ribbon for some charity set up just as a tax dodge by isn’t anything other than dressing up and pretending.

The only person he’s ever served is himself. Oh, and that nice old man at the drop in centre that the PR team helped set up once.