My election notes. E-Day – 30

by Pseud O'Nym


Let us hope that Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t emulating Phillip Davies when yesterday he announced another Labour pledge;

Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour would provide free car parking at all NHS hospitals in England to end what he called a “tax on serious illness”.

 Mr Corbyn said the estimated £162m cost would be paid for by an increase in tax on private health insurance premiums.

Phillip Davies was quite happy to be pose for a ‘photo proclaiming his support for carers, but his pose was revealed to be nothing more than a pose when;

A private member’s bill brought forward by Julie Cooper, Labour MP for Burnley, set out a proposed exemption to hospital parking charges for carers. At the moment hospitals have discretionary powers to grant exemptions to parking charges.

Phillip Davies MP is in my mind at least an answer to a question nobody has asked. Unless of course the question is ‘What would happen if a Victorian squire somehow time travelled to 21st Century London, was stranded here and was repeatedly elected to parliament?’ Then yes, possibly Phillip Davies is the answer to that question. Or maybe not.

Just as there are some theorists who speculate that the name James Bond is a code name given to a variety of agents down the years, – something akin to a lethal appellation with rapacious sexual appetite – so there exists the possibility that Phillip Davies is a performance artist, cunningly exposing the hypocrisy rampant within the body politic, made all the more cunning because of how long he has been at it.

If we take this interpretation to be true, then ‘Phillip Davies is to be congratulated for never having broken out of character, no matter how severe the opprobrium his parliamentary utterances have engendered. And there has been some but equally some praise too, both coming from the newspapers you’d expect.

Here are but some examples of his work.