My Election Notes 2019: E -Day-39 (pt.2)

by Pseud O'Nym


We know the election is here because politicians are promising to a massive financial giveaway. The Conservatives have announced an end to the freeze on in work benefits – which they’d announced in the last budget – in April, whilst Labour have pledged to insulate every home in the UK at a cost estimated to be £250 billion. The Lib Dems may have announced something, but really, who cares?

Anyway, it was just on the news that the government will, if re-elected, raise the national minimum wage to £10.50 an hour over five years. Whoopie-fuckin-do! I don’t know what sort of percentage increase that is, but I’d wager something on the fact that its far less than an increase in food and energy bills over the next five years, far less than transport and housing cost will increase, with an increasingly more disproportionally effect on one the lower their wage is. If the government was serious about alleviating the financial hardship that years of austerity have created, it could pass put before parliament legislation to cap energy bills, reduce the fuel levy, bring back into public ownership the railways, reverse to cuts to local authority budgets, consider what the effects of an ageing population on our society might be and how best we plan for and fund the changes that’ll be needed for adult social care. These things and more besides should have been the proper responsibility of government these last few years, but no.

Brexit has been more important. So what will change with a new government, possibly a hung one, that will be in any way less Brexit obsessed than this one?