My election notes 2019. E -Day – 38

by Pseud O'Nym

I wrote yesterday that Labour’s proposal to insulate every home in the UK to make them more energy efficient would cost £250 billion. This was incorrect, but then, if I cite a figure and don’t provide a credible source from where that figure hails, then where does the blame lie? It’s not as if this blog is in any way reputable source. But then, this isn’t my first rodeo, as an American would say, and the older you are, it isn’t yours either. We know all politicians make implausible spending pledges to get our votes, which they’ll then conveniently forget if they attain office. We know, for example, that you can’t cut taxes while increasing public spending. It’s nonsense, we know it’s nonsense, but politcians still make such improbable claims. But who is more delusional, those who make the claims or those that believe them?


 If this government was serious about democracy, it would make the 12th December a public holiday, to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to vote. I can sort of understand the government’s dilemma here. On the one hand there’s the economic cost, and as the Conservatives are pro business – and in an election campaign will wish to avoid doing to damage that impression – the last thing they’ll want to do is give everyone a paid day off work, which business won’t be happy about, as not only will they have to pay for it, they’ll also have to absorb the cost of a loss of a days productivity. On the other hand there’s the consideration that by doing so, it’ll boost the Conservative vote among traditional working class Labour voters, who might otherwise stay at home after getting in after a days work.


Also the weather is a factor. If it’s quite mild and sunny, then people are more likely to venture out than if it’s cold, wet and gloomy. And given that a fair proportion of Conservative voters are coffin dodgers – again, this blog is not reputable – it’s not unreasonable to pre-suppose that it’s in the Conservatives interests to make it a public holiday. After all, there’s no point in being pro business if your not the government, now is there?