My Election Notes 2019; E-Day – 27 (pt.2)

by Pseud O'Nym

So “Children In Need’ raised £47.9 millions last night. Fuck-a doodle-do!

We live in one of the wealthiest economies in the world, so can someone please explain why there is for charities to fund and provide what the state should be. We pay our tax, well not all of us, obviously – if your wealthy enough to have a clever accountant, or a big multi-national you don’t have to – and if there’s enough tax to fritter away on escalating costs on H.S.2 , now £56 billions up from it’s original estimate of £32 billions – we can use that money to restore the funding cuts imposed on local authorities by Conservative governments and their austerity obsession.

Funnily enough, their desire to curb public spending didn’t extend to the money hoover that is Crossrail. That’s massively late – it should be running by now – but it isn’t but is massively over budget. When it comes to spending our taxes, this government wants us to believe that constantly injecting cash into such infra-structure projects is worthwhile because of some advantage to business, a nebulous benefit to us and besides, they’ve started. Ultimately, it’s about priorities, about what a government prioritizes and this therefore this election is about what sort of government we want and what it prioritizes to spend our taxes on. Our taxes.

Originally, I was only make a comparison between the amount raised by ‘CiN’ and the amount the royal fleecers fleece us for. Or the interest we pay weekly on the national debt.