My Election Notes 2019: E-Day – 26

by Pseud O'Nym

The news that police are investigating alleged electoral fraud by the Conservative Party in offering peerages and employment to Brexit Party candidates in return for standing down is, I think, misguided at best, and itself fraudulent. As the BBC reported

Calls are growing for an investigation into claims the Tories offered peerages to Brexit Party election candidates to persuade them to stand down.

Police say they are assessing two allegations of electoral fraud.

The way I see it, if anyone is guilty of election fraud, it is any politician who doesn’t admit the harsh truth of catastrophic climate change, namely that it is already too late to reverse the changes that are happening all around us.

For some reason this makes me think of the film ‘Fight Club’ specifically the scene on the airplane where Brad Pitt is explaining to Edward Norton why oxygen masks are dropped from the overhead lockers in the event of an impending plane crash. This, he explains, is because taking pure oxygen gets you high, and so taking large deep breaths of it will make you very high, very quickly. The evidence for this is contained in all the safety cards, which depicts the passengers are as having calm faces, calm, as he says “as Hindu cows.”, not panicked in the slightest. As no doubt you would be if you were off your tits on drugs, and not focused on being ripped limb from limb or being engulfed in a fireball, burnt alive, identifiable only by dental records! It gives the comforting illusion of safety, that there is some order among the chaos, that there is always something that can prevent the inevitable.

In much the same way, politicians who still peddle the lie that something can be done to slow down catastrophic climate change by either changing our ways of being that contribute to this man made disaster technologies or by some other incremental change are the ones committing electoral fraud. Its as I wrote a few days ago,

“If one of the party leaders was brave and honest enough to say to the electorate ‘Look, I could lie to you and tell you we can halt this, that actions by individuals can make a difference, but only if those individuals had been the leaders of major polluting countries and they’d acted long ago. But they didn’t and no matter how much you re-cycle, install solar panels to heat your home or eat less meat, the sad truth is that in China and America they’re not. Basically we’re fucked, and not in a tender, loving way either.’”

Then more power to them or probably not, as they’d never get elected, well not into a position of real power, one that could effect change anyways. This raises the thorny question of who is bullshitting who? Are they the politicians bullshitting to us or are does the bullshitter need someone to believe that bullshit? In which case, where does the blame lie? Because especially at election time, there are plenty of lies about catastrophic climate change,