My Election Notes 2019: E-Day – 21 (pt.3)

by Pseud O'Nym

Just watched ‘the BBC’s ‘Question Time – Leaders Special’ and my initial thoughts are these

Jeremy Corbinned looked as if someone a size too big had lent him that suit back-stage, like a boy wearing a new school uniform that his Mum says has a couple of years in it And he didn’t answer all the questions asked of him, rather, he did that politicians trick of answering the question he wished he’d been asked

Jo Swindle. It was nice to see her being called out on things the Lib Dems had helped the Tories push through when they were in coalition with them. Nice to see her voice go up an octave when she was challenged on reconciling being a democrat with revoking Article 50 and ignoring the wishes of 17.4 million people. Her response was basically, ‘We’ve been honest with what we believe….we’ve been honest and we don’t care what you think. I mean, we have to pretend like we do, but we don’t really

Boris’s Johnson walked onto the stage to the sound of boo’s. And it didn’t get much better from there. He looked so uncomfortable, so ill at ease, that he made Gordon Brown seem like a showman.

But the leader who impressed was Nicola Sturgone. She had command of the issues, tackled what could’ve been difficult questions head-on and left one with the abiding impression that if she was not out and out enjoying it, she was less terrified by it than the others.

It’ll be interesting to see what the press and social media make of it.