My Election Notes 2019: E-Day + 2

by Pseud O'Nym

Now that the initial shock of both the scale of Boris’s Johnsons victory and some of the places he was victorious has weaned off a bit I am struck by the following.

I know this is going to seem juvenile, mainly because it is, but I’m amazed that Jo Swindle has resigned as leader of the illiberal unDemocrats after not being re-elected as an MP. Who saw that coming? Based on the her core message throughout the campaign, I’d have expected her to refuse to accept the democratic will of the people in her constituency but instead say that they knew what her principles were and whilst they might not agree with her about them, she was going to stand by them. Her principles, that is.

She was also forever banging on about her values, as if by sticking to them, that was in and of itself a good thing. I’m sure Aileen Wournos had values she stuck to as well, but was that such a good thing ?

That was essentially her message to the whole UK electorate. I’m basically a bad loser and I’m appealing to all the other bad losers out there, to stop knitting their lentils and vote for me. She was the political equivalent of a child putting it’s hand over it’s ears and screaming,” I can’t hear you!” when it’s Mum tells her to eat their vegetables.

But now I’ve got to schlep all the way across London to Battersea to collect my car that’s been in for repairs. So bye