My Election Notes 2019: D-Day + 3

by Pseud O'Nym

As the regular reader of this blog knows only too well, it’s not the people who voted in ways inimical to my beliefs and values I find worthy of the vilest of contempt, although they’re bad enough. But living as we do in a democracy, at least they played their part and participated.

It’s the people who never vote, they’re the fuckers who’ve fucked us. And it isn’t only at this election only! Fuck no, the fuckers have been busy – well not busy busy exactly – fucking us over since the 1950’s. That was the last time the turnout at a UK general election was more than 80%. How they measure this I don’t know, but presumably it’s the people registered to vote. I doubt very much that anyone examines the latest UK Census data and measures the discrepancy between adults of voting age there and on the electoral roll. But my point is that everyone who could’ve voted, didn’t

At this election Conservatives got 43. % share of the vote, on a turnout of 67.3%. Which means that less than ¾ of the adult population voted and of those, less than half voted Conservative. In what possible universe does this mean they’re ‘A people’s government’ as Boris’s Johnsons podium outside No.10 boasted on Friday? OK, yes, the people who bothered enough to vote Conservative, but given more people voted against them than for them, its not exactly what you’d call decisive, is it?

In fact turnout at every UK general election this century has never reached over 70%. One might be forgiven for thinking that disillusionment with the existing political system, its inability to carry out the referendum result, together with the oft-repeated claim that this was the most important election in generations, might have changed things.

But no! The fuckers would’ve appeared to have reared more fuckers to fuck us all. The result is that they’ve helped Boris’s Johnson put the con into Conservative.