Well, I thought it was funny.

by Pseud O'Nym

Last night LMS said something just so  damn hilarious, so outrageously funny, which cemented the wisdom of my decision to spend the lockdown here in sunny Camberwell, so as to keep my mental health from going mental.

Picture the scene. We’re about to have a communal meal; me, LMS, Joe and Marge. What the meal was isn’t important, but LMS’s sense of expectation is. Joe is serving it up. Please bear mind that had spent the best part of an hour preparing this.  He prepares LMS’s plate and gives it to her. She looks at it. And looks at it some more, as if by her staring at it for long enough it’ll magically transform into a large chocolate cake. Joe says, wonderfully managing to keep his understandable frustration out of his voice, ‘Please don’t stare at your meal like that.’ And with a sense of timing that wouldn’t be amiss on a West End stage, LMS slowly looked up, and with a voice thick with resigned exasperation, said, drum roll, please……..

‘That isn’t a meal. That’s a disgrace.’

Even writing it out makes me chortle, so imagine the effort it took for me not to explode with laughter.