Common sense?

by Pseud O'Nym

The BBC, had on its website this morning, another laughably absurd headline,

Coronavirus: Use common sense to see loved ones outdoors – Dominic Raab

 Because as we all know, not only is common sense very common, it also characterises this governments entire handling of the situation. All of their public utterances and health advice have been outstanding examples of communicating complex ideas in a the most simple and understandable way possible. I’ll wager that in seventy years time, people will have cushions and towels with the stirring words of Boris’s Johnson emblazoned on them, like they do with ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Magnificent is the word I’d use if I were called upon to choose one word to describe his leadership throughout this crisis. Responsive would a close second. Deft, sure-footed and steadfast would also be possible contenders. Not forgetting consistent.

The nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to those members of the Tory party who elected him as the Tory leader to succeed Teresa May, and thus our Prime Minister. One hesitates to use the words of Churchill, because they fail to convey the enormity of our thanks, that their actions delivered us such a colossus, such a truly inspiring figure to lead us through these dark times. ‘Never…has so much been owed to so many to so few.’

I know. Doesn’t even begin to encapsulate it.